We've worked across government, NGOs, non-profits, researchers, and community groups to create bridges. We leverage the power of relationships and use data to tell your story.

Cultural Impact Assessments

Research on the cultural implications of projects. Needs assessments, literature reviews, demographic data, field-work, focus groups, and written reports.

Survey Design, Data Collection, & Analysis

Research on scales, cultural adaptation of scales, and factor analysis. Survey distribution through web-based collection, data entry, data analysis using quantitative software, tables/graphs, and written reports.

Qualitative Research

Participatory action research designs, community outreach, case studies, running of focus groups, transcriptions, photo-documentation, data analysis using hand coding, text analytics, and NiVo software, and written reports. Community presentation of research in ways that are understandable and helpful to stakeholders.

Program Development

Co-create cultural programming with stakeholders, particularly self-sustaining mentoring programs, and assist in writing instructional educational materials.

Program Evaluation

Conduct participatory evaluations. Utilize triangulation to capture at least three points of program effectiveness. Create evaluation frameworks and train community groups in self-evaluation and research methods. Focus on cultural, strengths-based evaluations.


Literature reviews, grant writing, research briefs, research reports, fact sheets, white papers, policy  briefs, and editing and copy-editing of previously written materials.