Culture, Health, Education, & Environment

Bridging data with impact storytelling


We use decolonized research methodologies and focus on strengths and cultural resources. Services include needs assessments, community outreach, partnerships, focus groups, participatory action research, culturally-based program development and evaluation, community-agency liaisons, and specific projects that help local communities.


Our consulting group supports traditional health practitioners and offer research expertise. Health in the Pacific includes redefining measures of health and wellness to include natural resources and spirituality. We work on public health campaigns, prevention strategies, health promotion, program development, program evaluation, and public policy.


Everyone on our team teaches or works at an educational institution. We offer a range of educational solutions including workshops, survey construction, culturally-based evaluation and assessment, needs assessments, program development and evaluation, cultural adaptation of curriculum to fit local needs, community vision, and applied action research. 


We provide a range of environmental and cultural impact assessments. Nowhere is more vulnerable to climate change than the Pacific. We advocate for indigenous environmental knowledge and stories of resiliency.